Connecting Communities to End the Epidemic of HIV/AIDS

LAIF’s mission is to equip, for the empowerment, individuals oppressed by structures, systems, cultures, and traditions that impede their physical and mental progress, as it pertains to HIV/AIDS and other disproportionate health disparities that plague the black community through advocacy, education, and community and business partnerships.

The lives of residents of New York City are connected, regardless of the proximity of their homes. What happens in one neighborhood affects others and what happens in the lives of one resident ultimately affects the lives of all. Early HIV testing and detection is key to combatting HIV. 

HIV/AIDS is 100% preventable!  In today's society there are many drugs that can help reduce the chance of contracting HIV.  The contraction of HIV is referred to as sero-conversion.  The ability of these drugs to reduce or negate the ability of HIV infected individuals to transmit the virus allows couples of mixed HIV statuses (HIV + and HIV - couples).  These couples are referred to as sero-discordant couples.

Below you will find links to obtain testing and also a link to take advantage of the new drug, PrEP, which allows more options for sero-discordant couples.

Contact our offices at (917) 266-5311 for further information about HIV testing and/or advancing the connection of our communities to end HIV/AIDS,